Cassava Processing Plants
Home to Zambia's Cassava Processing Plants producing ethanol and other related products
Marigold Production
Home to first ever commercial production and processing of Marigold in Zambia
Mineral Processing Plants
Increased private investment in mineral processing particularly manganese and copper
Massive Water Bodies
Abundant water resources for agriculture irrigation, electricity generation and fish farming among others

Hon. Credo Nanjuwa, MP


  • Welcome to Central Province

Central Province lies at the heart of Zambia and shares borders with eight of the nine other Provinces of Zambia.

The Province which occupies a total surface area of 108,460 square kilometers also borders the Democratic Republic

of Congo (DRC) in the north. It is divided into 12 Districts namely; Chibombo,

Itezhi-tezhi,

Mr. Milner Mwanakampwe

Permanent Secretary

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