Provincial Fisheries And Livestock Coordinating Office

Fisheries Department is charged with overseeing the implementation of fisheries programs in capture fisheries and aquatic development. It conducts enforcement of relevant national laws and policies (Market inspects as well as land and water patrols and also enforces the fish ban season). The department also promotes sustainable utilization of fisheries resource through pieces of training such as site selection, pond construction, harvesting, marketing, preservation, etc.  The department is also mandated to conduct extension services and research

Livestock Department is responsible for promoting quality livestock production (livestock breeding and management) as well as promoting actual products and by-products of livestock. The department also conducts research and extension services

Veterinary Services is a department under the Ministry of livestock and Fisheries responsible for Disease Surveillance, mitigation and control as well as disease extension. The department is also concerned with the interpretation of relevant regulations and policies  such as movement restrict based on disease prevalence

Services can be accessed by the public through Physical visits to the department and consultations during field visits