Luano District stretches from Lunsemfwa River in the west up to Luangwa River and shares the border with Nyimba, Runfunsa, Chongwe, Chisamba, Serenje and Kapiri Mposhi Districts. The District covers an area of about 9,211 sq. km with its biggest portion being a valley. It is about 260 kilometers North East of the Nation’s Capital Lusaka; 125 kilometers from Kabwe and 106 kilometers from Mkushi, and lies at 29o 21’ E and 14o21’ South. Overly, the District is renowned for its abundant resources particularly in minerals and forestry products.

Luano District has an estimated population of 25,548 of which 12,929 (50.6%) are male and 12,619 (49.4%) are female. The District is endowed with vast land that could be utilized for various uses such as Cocoa and Cotton cultivation on a large scale, ranching for both domestic and wild animals and is endowed with a variety of natural resources such as minerals and water bodies.



Luano has a number of small to medium scale farmers involved in both crop and livestock agriculture. The District geographic profile favours investments in large scale livestock production. The availability of a Seed Company (Seedco) provides a ready supply of seed which can be utilized in establishment of out-grower schemes among the small to medium scale farmers thus be able to meet the required output if needed. Available investment opportunities in the sector currently include;

  • Commercial and medium scale agriculture in crops and livestock
  • Investment in fish farming


Availability of heritage sites, game reserves and hot springs provide an opportunity for investments in infrastructure such as hotels, lodges, campsites. There is significant opportunity for investments in tourism and hospitality sector.


Investment in a manufacturing industry particularly in the agro-processing sector would thrive in the district as there is currently none of such an establishment.  Therefore, opportunities for investment in infrastructure development and Hydro and solar power generation remain ripe.


With proved deposits of high grade gold and copper, Luano offers significant investment potential in mining and mineral processing. The following are the known mineral deposits in Luano:

  • Beryl
  • Aquamarine
  • Feldspar
  • Graphite
  • Gold
  • Garnet
  • Tourmaline
  • Clay

There is high potential for investment in Mining exploration and Mining. Currently mining activities taking place in the District have been at artisan and small scale illegal level. Therefore, anchor investments in this sector would undoubtedly provide attractive returns on investments.

Luano’s Comparative Advantage

  • Vast land which is available for investment
  • Abundant mineral resources
  • Abundant water resource
  • There is potential for investment in Luano especially that the district is relatively new
  • Known to have among the highest grade of Gold which is still not being commercially mined