Itezhi-Tezhi is located in the south-western part of Central Province and lies at approximately 175km north of Mumbwa and 62Km west of Namwala District across the Kafue River on the North Bank. It shares boarders with Luampa in the west, Kazungula and Kalomo in south-west, Choma in the south, Namwala in the south-east and Mazabuka District in the east. The district has a population of 68,599 with an annual growth rate of 4.8 %. It has a total surface area of approximately 15 000 sq. km, giving a population density of 4.6 per square kilometer. Generally, the population is pre-dominantly rural with an urban population of only about 18,000 or 26 percent of the total district population.



The District has a lot of potential in the agriculture sector with Livestock accounting for about 35 percent of the total agricultural production. It has about 58 percent of landmass that is arable. The District also possesses a conducive climate and water resources which can support mass production within the agriculture sector.

The district has a variety of fish species such as Limnothrissamiodon (Kapenta) (Exotic in Lake Itezhi- Itezhi), breams, pike and silverfish among others. This industry has great potential in terms of canning and other type of fish processing to meet the nation’s fish deficit and for export.


Itezhi-tezhi district is located right in the heart of the Kafue National park with abundant natural resources which include; wildlife, forest reserves, birds and heritage sites. Investments in infrastructure development such as the construction of hotels and lodges have high potential in the District. The District has the following tourist attractions among others;

  • Loongola hot springs which has one of the hottest temperatures
  • Mabiya hot springs
  • Itezhi Tezhi dam and lake
  • High diversity of fauna species in the Kafue National Park and Game Management Areas.
  • Heritage sites such as Nakalomwe hills, Old Nkala Mission, ancient caves and tunnels.


The district has earmarked land for various uses including establishment of manufacturing industries to supplement the agriculture and fishing sectors. The District has potential for construction of processing plants for agro- products such are meat, fish and various crops.


The district has huge mineral deposits of amethyst. Investment opportunities lie in the exploration of other mineral deposits and setting up of mining firms.


The District hosts the 120 Mega Watts Itezhi Tezhi Hydro Power Station. The available power is ideal for industrial supply and support investments at various levels.

District’s Comparative Advantage

Apart from the natural landscape with scenic adulating profile offering breathtaking views over the dam, the District stands out in opportunities for hotels and lodges construction. The following are some of the districts comparative advantages.

  • Available arable land for establishment of plantations for crops farming
  • Scenic routes along the Kafue National Park offers game viewing opportunities and the indigenous thicket of the rose wood natural forest Proximity to the Kafue National Park, for tourism purposes
  • Planned construction of airport to carter for the Kafue National Park and the rest of Central Province
  • Air Strip 23km from District Center. Airport Site already located and Approved Availability of water bodies and islands for setting up of hotels and hotel resorts