Central Province has huge potential in tourism. The province boasts the worlds largest bat migration in the Kasanka National Park in Chitambo District. This bat migration happens once every year beginning October to November when different fruit bat species migrate and they can be seen in their millions. This unique event is one of the worlds best kept secrets and for years this amazing site has remained unseen and unheard of to the majority of travelers in  the tourism industry. This migration takes place in a small area over a period of just two months, this means that your safari has to be timed well. The bats starts to arrive in Zambia’s Kasanka National Park towards the mid of October in search of the seed rich fruits that fill the trees. The number of these giant African bats steadily increases throughout the next few weeks as they wander over from the Congo reaching over 8 million bats all in a space no larger than a hectare.

The Province also hosts the Kafue National Park, the second largest National Park in Africa. The park features the big five and other wildlife that many tourists come to see throughout the year.  Around the province there are also numerous hot springs, with one of them classified as one of the hottest in the world with temperatures of of up to 88 degrees Celsius. Furthermore Central Province hosts the David Livingstone memorial park where the Scottish missionary’s heart was buried. All these areas offer potential for investment in tourism.

Various traditional ceremonies take place at different times of the year; such as Kulamba Kubwalo,Chibwela Mushi and Ikubi lya Loongo. These tourism attractions would bring a steady return on investment for anyone who would invest in Hotels, lodges, guest houses, bush camps, campsites, game drives and other tourist packages that so many tourists come to Central Province to enjoy.


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