The manufacturing sector plays a pivotal role in economic development as it plays a key role in the backward and forward linkages to economic growth. The climate for producing and value addition in Central Province is becoming favorable as the Governments policy formulation and implementation is consistent and coherent especially from a fiscal perspective. This is being done to encourage investment, provide certainty to businesses and tax payers this contributes to reducing complexities. The government is exploring and implementing measures that reduce interest rates and bring down the cost of borrowing. Manufacturing in Central province would flourish in that government is continuously working at increasing the liquidity of businesses through timely liquidation of government obligations to local suppliers to enable them have operating capital.

Government has put in place measures that ensure minimal to no delays to VAT refunds. Export procedures have been simplified and streamlined and further streamlining is planned. Shipping delays are being reduced and capacity is being built on local quality infrastructure covering software hardware and human resource.