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CENTRAL Province Permanent Secretary Bernard Chanda has called on stakeholders in Chitambo District to suggest possible solution to development challenges that should be included in the Eighth National Development Plan.

Mr Chomba said it is important for both public and private stakeholders to identify solutions that should address specific development challenges affecting the remote district.

The Government is currently collecting inputs from various stakeholders that should be considered in the formulation of the 8NDP following the expiry of the 7NDP later this year.

The Permanent Secretary said when he officially opened a special District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meeting for Chitambo district this morning.

“You must know that each district has unique challenges affecting them and this meeting presents an opportunity for you to bring out issues so that they are addressed in the latest national development plan,” Mr Chomba said.

“It’s up to you to tailor the document in a way that will address your issues; so please be serious because you are key stakeholders to develop and not foreigners.”

Mr Chomba noted that Zambia has a huge opportunity to develop now because of having many educated people that were key to national development.

He noted that it was sad that the 7NDP was coming to an end while some civil servants did not understand its development objectives.

Earlier, Chitambo District Commissioner Jeliaty Ntembwa said the Government does not want to develop a plan that had no implementation plan at district level like the 7NDP hence the decision to under wider consultations.

Mr Ntembwa expressed gratitude to the government for ensuring that remote district such as Chitambo was consulted in the formulation of the 8NDP.

“This is an opportunity for us to make contributions; this is what it means when we saying inclusiveness and not leaving anyone behind,” he said.

Meanwhile, Provincial Planning Unit Assistant Director Justin Kapenda said the five-year development plans that the government had been implementing was feeding into a long term development objectives.

“The idea of having the five-year development plans is to review development challenges and put into consideration emerging issues such as Climate Change and now Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

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